– what history says about the origin of mankind.


Amazing site

If anyone ever wanted to look at an amazing site, one that would blow your socks off (if you were wearing your socks on your mouth and nose, I guess), you should go see the From Noah to Hercules site.  Not only is it interesting on its face, it’s interesting on its backside too.  Forget the online encyclopedias.  This place has opinions as well as facts!!  What is it about?  Well, let’s see:
The origin of mankind is one.The history of early mankind is another.
It even dives a little into Noah’s family tree and shows us that Noah is our common ancestor.
And if you’re a little depressed, you can get ideas about how to cure it by reading the paper entitled “Healing for Depression“.


There’s lots of stuff to learn there, and lots of people who go there and say nothing about it.  So make me happy.  When you go, leave a note on my blog there.  Thanks!


Yes, I’m shameless in plugging my own site on my own site.  Who isn’t?